Pantex Solar Tent– A modular tent concept utilizing a textile solution for solar panels.

basecamping with photo- / videoproduction
5-6 persons / 2-3 tents
1-2 weeks
may - august
transportation by car
cameraequipment, smartphone, cooler, laptop
natural water source next to own resources
no source of electricity

For the application of a smart textile there is the need of a basic tent concept to build up on. The inner tent serves as base component for the modular tent. Its design is kept as minimal as possible to serve as many scenarios as possible. Since the structure holds the inner tent directly even the outer tent is optional. Both structure and outer tent can be selected in terms of material strength and design.

Variations of gear and additional pieces of equipment such as bags, ropes and pegs are chosen scenario specific. Also part of the concept are possible extensions such as apsides, groundsheets or windscreens which even can be developed in cooperation with varying manufacturers. Since all components are replaceable on their own, the tent his highly customizable and sustainable.

Solar Textile
A textile solution for solar panels by Sphelar Power uses silicone spheres connected in a weave structure. Because of their shape the solar cells are omniabsorbent, resulting in a higher efficiency compared to flat solar panels. The textile application also eliminates other disadvantages of the usually flat panels such as sensitivity to fractures as well as heat development.

CNNCT is the tent´s unique cable system which enables conductor connections to go through textile layers without any wholes in the fabric. A magnetic ring helps to find the right position for the cable while it is locked in place by a 45° rotation. The harvested electricity is provided at the charging bank.

Leon Ehmke